Iles de Los

Travelers can relax on the beaches of the Iles de Los, a group of islands just off the coast of Conakry. The Ile de Kassa is especially lively, and the weekend beach parties are legendary with the locals.
Los Islands, small archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, off Conakry. They provide protection for the port of Conakry and include Tamara (Factory), Kassa, Roume (Crawford), Blanche (White), and De Corail (Coral) and several smaller islets. Tamara, the largest (8 miles [13 km] long and 1–2 miles [1.6–3 km] wide), has the highest point of elevation (499 feet [152 m]). Only Tamara and Kassa have sizable settlements (Fotoba and Cité de Kassa). The group, named for the sacred idols (los idolos) found there by early Portuguese navigators.

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